LAW ASSOCIATES engages actively in litigation before the High Court of Karnataka in various company matters before the High Court of Karnataka. It also provides detailed opinions and assistance in matters of setting up of a company in India and assists clients in carrying out such objects of filing with the registrar, incorporation of a company, to winding up of the company. Drafting of various agreements and contracts/MOU’s etc relating to all aspects of corporate and commercial laws such as commercial contracts/ agency/ supply of equipments/research and development agreements/ Franchise Agreements/JV Agreements, etc. is regularly done by the Firm.
  LAW ASSOCIATES actively pleading and defending various litigations in Civil laws before the Trial, Appellate, High Court and Supreme Court under various laws Viz., The Transfer of Property Act, Easements Act, Adverse Possession, Succession Act, Declaration of Title, possession, Specific Performance, Hindu Law, Injunction, Contract Act, Mortgage, damages, compensation, suits for recovery of money, civil suits for legal injury and damages under Law of Contracts and law of Torts, etc. The Partners and Associates of the Firm having long experience in the field have successful achievements to their credit.


  LAW ASSOCIATES is actively engaged in defending various cases filed under the Indian Penal Code, Economic offences, Negotiable Instrument Act, Forest Act, etc. in Magistrate Court, Session Court, High Court and Supreme Court.
  LAW ASSOCIATES believe that the interest of the nation would be best served only when its citizens are not only conscious about their own right and but also perform their duties. While fundamental rights of the people are enforced under Art. 32 and 226, we undertake filing of all kinds of writ petitions for the enforcement of the fundamental right of the people. We also undertake important and pertinent constitutional issues which confronts people on daily basis especially about the rights of the downtrodden. We regularly represent our clients in the High Court and Supreme Court in all matters affecting the interest, legal or constitutional right, of an individual.


  LAW ASSOCIATES deals in all the matrimonial matters like Registration of Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Annulment of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Criminal Proceedings, Dowry harassment, Maintenance, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, etc.  Our Associates are well equipped to fight for the rights of the aggrieved parties. We understand the divorce is a personal and sensitive issue, which needs to be, handled with great care and caution. The complexities of the case changes at the drop of the hat and our team of experts are conscious of such scenarios and drawing strengths on the basis of the huge experience and knowledge in the field to sort out the problems. We value great importance to the institution of marriage and thus do every bit to see that the sacred institution of marriage can be saved. But, such approach doesn’t mean that we encourage the party to bear the animosity and hatred towards each other and yet live under one roof. We sincerely believe in the concept that the dead and rotten marriages should also be legally dissolved. We specialize in court proceedings pertaining to matrimonial disputes and divorce related matters. We prosecute as well as defend the parties at regular basis with commendable success.    
  LAW ASSOCIATES handles all matters covered under the Consumer Protection Act and the Monopolies Restrictive Trade Practices Act, including litigation in Consumer Forums, State and National Commission, MRTP Commission in matters such as deficiency in service, product defects, misleading advertisements, etc. We are well adept to provide complete legal services required under Consumer Laws for both instituting and defending a complaint.The Firm actively promotes consumer awareness by way of providing legal consultation and also involves society participation in the same by organising and conducting free consumer awareness campaigns. We handle cases at all levels starting from District Forum , State Forum , National Forum to the Supreme Court in cases under Consumer Protection Act.
  LAW ASSOCIATES undertakes all matters relating to Land whether agricultural or non- agricultural, including rendering Opinion on Title, Drafting and Conveyance of Sale documents/ Power of Attorneys/ Lease Deeds/ Building Contracts/ Rent Agreements/ Building Agreements/Joint Development Agreements / Notices/ Agreement for labour work/ Mortgage deeds/Gift Deeds/ Hypothecation Deeds/ etc. WE have the successful records of conducting Litigation in matters relating to recovery of property, possession/specific performance of agreements/ declaration and injunction, eviction proceedings, etc.




  LAW ASSOCIATES undertakes all matters relating seeking compensation under Motor Vehicles Act.
  LAW ASSOCIATES undertake all matters pertaining to dishonor of cheques both civil and Criminal. We prosecute as well as defend cases in matters of dishonour of cheques covered under Negotiable Instruments Act beside other things covered under the Act. We devise case to case basis strategies inline with the demand & requirements of client for effective result.


  LAW ASSOCIATES undertake all kinds of matters related to landlord and tenancy disputes under Karnataka Rent Act and litigation such as eviction of tenant from premises, recovery of arrears of rent, injunction and perpetual injunction, Landlord and Tenant Harassment.


  LAW ASSOCIATES undertake drafting of all kinds of legal documents such as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s), Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, Service Rules, Rules & Regulations, Partnership Deed, Joint Venture Agreements, Franchisee Agreements, Research & Development Agreements, Technology Sharing Agreements, Agreements relating to Real Estate, Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Information Technology, etc, Power of Attorney of all descriptions and kinds, and all other things required by the client.  We also undertake toprepare Plaint, ritten Statement, Applications, Petitions, Objections, Written Arguments, etc. in any matters before Courts and thorities. We have expertise in drafting comprehensive legal opinion on various legal issues as per requirement of the client.


  LAW ASSOCIATES undertakes to deal with grievances of all Government, quasi-government, Private employees relating to wages, increments, promotion, seniority, termination, etc. Drafting and consulting on various labour matters under the industrial Disputes Act, Factory Act, Trade Union, illegal termination matters, Workmen’s Compensation matters etc. is carried out regularly by the Firm. The Firm carries out litigation on behalf of companies and workmen in service related matters before the Administrative and industrial Tribunals.


  LAW ASSOCIATES deals with all matters pertaining to environmental legislations, including advice and opinions on issues under the Wildlife Act, Water Act, Air Act, Environmental Protection Act and also matters covered under various International Environmental legislations.


  LAW ASSOCIATES under takes drafting of various banking documents such as loan agreements/ lease deeds/ overdraft agreements/affidavits denying receipt of notice of dishonour of cheque/Bank Guarantee is done by the Firm. The Firm carries out litigation in cases of dishonour of cheques under 138 NI Act/ Recovery of debt before Debt Recovery Tribunal/ Prosecution of criminal complaints etc. We also engage in providing detailed legal opinions on the viability of projects to be undertaken by corporate firms and companies. It provides advice and consultancy in matters of foreign exchange, EXIM, customs, etc


  LAW ASSOCIATES keeping the promise with time, technology and Globalization undertake drafting and consultations of all kinds relating to information & echnology. We undertake drafting of agreements relating to confidential information, non-competition, software development agreements, agreements for sale of technical know among other things. We undertake litigation, prosecution as well as defense, relating to information & technology.
  LAW ASSOCIATES provide complete assistance in all matters pertaining to Trade Mark, Copyright, Designs, etc. We undertake registration of Trade Mark, Copyright, Designs, etc. Our services include drafting of various agreements regarding same, initiating/defending cases, search & seizure of infringing materials, etc. We also undertake resolution of any dispute before the jurisdictional forum or Court.


  LAW ASSOCIATES undertakes Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation, Domestic and International Arbitration, Enforcement of Awards in India, Enforcement of Awards outside India, etc.We believe in the concept of early and expeditious & cost effective, disposal of all disputes. Thus, we encourage negotiation, discussion and mediation by using our good offices to resolve the disputes amicably and out of court without wasting time, energy and costs. Our past record in this regard convince us to use this process as the first option keeping in mind the best interest of the client.


  LAW ASSOCIATES deals all matters of public interest litigation at the High Court of Karnataka and the Supreme Court of India based on various issues such as environment/ public welfare/ quality of life and living, etc and all other vital issues of public interest.
  LAW ASSOCIATES deals with Wills executed by any individual bequeathing his/her estate.  The Firm undertakes to get the Will Probated by the Court of Law and also acts as Executor to see that the wish of the profounder is carried out in letter and spirit. The firm has dealt with various types of litigation relating to Wills and obtaining Succession Certificates.




   LAW ASSOCIATES is author of several Trust Deeds executed depending upon the requirement of the Clients both Public and Private Charitable. The Firm also deals in litigation arising out of the Trust Act.